The Company

A story of long partnerships

Who we are

A Cyber Security company founded by four consummate professionals.

After working together for many years in different roles across different companies, we decided to take advantage of our strong bond, deep understanding of each other’s strengths and respective delivery organizations. Thus, ABMC AG was born. 

Our team’s long-standing professional relationship translates into seamless communication, synchronized efforts, and a unified vision. This, coupled with our extensive experience, enables us to provide top-notch IT security solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We are Headquartered in Zug since 2023.

We know what we are talking about, but more importantly we understand what you need.

ABMC is not just a cybersecurity company, it’s a guardian of your digital assets. Whether you need to secure your network, comply with CMMC standards, or test your defenses, ABMC has the right solution for you.

Founded In:


Located In:

Zug, Switzerland

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Meet The Board

The crew that started the whole journey, overseeing delivery staff across Western and Eastern Europe.

Alexandru Ene

Executive Chairman

Benjamin Kohler

Senior Board Member

Martin Müller

Senior Board Member

Cato Olsen

Senior Board Member
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