Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We stand at the intersection of Cyber Security, IT, and Compliance, offering solutions that ensure your business is secure, efficient, and compliant with all relevant regulations.

CISO as a Service

Not all organizations need or can even support a full time CISO, certainly not a senior, fully qualified one. Our CISO as a Service offering gives you senior assistance at a competitive price, which can be scaled as needed. Depending on the agreed goals, this can range from hours/week all the way to full time (at which point we can help you with hiring the right person internally). 
Deliverables you can generally expect include:
  • Strategic roadmap for cyber security, aligned with the company’s business goals
  • A review of existing policies, including all necessary updates 
  • Analysis against ISO27001 or NIST CSF (or another needed framework)
  • Risk reviews & board presentations
  • Help with technical steering on key security controls 
  • Hands on with managing critical security incidents 

Managed Security Services

MSS. The bread and butter of every cyber security offering, we could go on and on about it… but we won’t! Whether you need L1 or SIEM case development, dedicated or shared resources, full outsourcing or augmenting your existing team, help in training your staff or labelling your data storage contents, or anything else in the Security space? Reach out and ABMC will get it done.    

Custom "pane of glass" view

 A single, customized view of your entire Security posture. Scaling in implementation from leveraging MS Power BI and other workman-like development tools  all the way to a full MS Lighthouse deployment depending on your needs and capabilities. With updates to keep up with your evolving security landscape. What more could you ask for?   

Honestly, we could continue making you scroll through our comprehensive and frankly excellent service offering. For instance, we could tell you about our extremely competitive Pen Testing offering, be it Blue or Red team. Or maybe about our SOC Services, delivered from the EU 24H per day, 7 days per week. Or our Tailored Consultancy offering, to address any issues you might have or we might uncover together, at off and on site rates.  But we know you get it. 

So click the button and get in touch so we may begin talking about what is really important: YOUR NEEDS!

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