Information Technology

Where we go on a rant

Do you remember the first time you saw a slide deck from a half-decent Consulting company? The professionalism it exuded, the clear mastery of the topic, the solutions to the very problems you were dealing with laid out in front of you… the matching colors?! It was SO cool. 

And it continued to be cool for each one of us, every time we saw them, again and again over our many years in the enterprise space. But their sleek and authoritative promise got less and less believable as we understood a simple truth, one that you would not find on any of the perfectly matching slides. 

Consultants generally consult, and leave the doing to you. 

 ABMC goes beyond that slide deck.

Sure, we’ll make sure everybody understands what we’re here to do and what in turn is expected of each stakeholder. And yes, a ppt or two might figure into that.

But we will write that script, if you need us to. We will configure that server, run those RFP rounds, get those cameras installed and talk to that customer for you when they come asking about your Security posture. 

ABMC will show you the best way to get where you want to go and make sure everybody is onboard. 

But we will also loosen our metaphorical ties (we don’t usually wear the item in question) and get right to the implementation, be it planning, project management, execution or BAU support of the newly built components. We’ve done it for ourselves in our past roles, we’ve done it for multiple companies over the decades and we will do it for you, as a trusted partner. And we take partnership seriously, as your success is our success and vice versa. 

We have the skills and the technology, all that’s left is your trust in us.  


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