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We are Experts in what Effective Security means for different organizations

Tailored approach to the task at hand

The journey to achieve CMMC L2 is not the same for a 10 people vs. 10.000 people organization. Backed-up is not the same as Secure. Avoiding risks is not the same as managing them. Rolling up your sleeves and writing that script is sometimes the best way to achieve a goal. In other words, we know what we are talking about across cyber, compliance and IT and especially how to get them running smoothly together as the support functions they are, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.  

Managed Security Services

From a basic but effective solution implementing a custom dashboard enabling “a single pane of glass” view across existing security solutions, to full scale Managed Security Services leveraging Microsoft Lighthouse, ABMC understands that each customer is different and tailors its offering accordingly.

End 2 End Implementations

Too often Consultancy companies will offer a seemingly great strategy only to look at the customer to take full responsibility in implementing it. Capitalizing on the varied skills of its delivery organizations and experiences in delivering multi-million dollar programs, ABMC extends its partnership where others hesitate. ABMC can secure the process from inception through scoping and planning, all the way to implementation and handover to BAU.


Cyber Security




IT Programs

Covering Cyber Security and all ComplEmentary AREAS

Advanced Defense Arsenal

We stand at the intersection of Cyber Security, IT, and Compliance, offering solutions that ensure your business is secure, efficient, and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Managed Security
IT & Security Compliance
Penetration Testing

Virtual CisO

Data Classification & Labelling
Risk & Compliance Assessment
Cloud Security

IT Program Planning & Execution
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